As a first-time writer, I knew I needed a good editor to help me turn my novel into the best work I could produce. Jessica was able to help with all aspects of writing, from fixing typos and pointing out inconsistencies to "bigger picture" issues like character development. Like many novice writers, I was often unsure how well my writing connected with readers. Jessica was good at pointing out the parts that worked well, reassuring me that my intentions were clear. She also asked a lot of questions as she edited, to seek clarity and make sure her that reader impressions lined up with my expectations. For any scenes that needed further development, she worked with me to flesh out the details or trim down unnecessary parts. She helped me to become a better writer in the process. Even after delivering her final revision, she was always available for clarifications and questions. I would definitely turn to Jessica for any writing I do in the future, and I would highly recommend her to other writers as well.

~Michael Colley, author of A Foreigner in Rio

Jessica has that rare ability to translate a series of general concepts into a compelling narrative. Whether she is asked to edit the church’s weekly newspaper article, provide the final wording for a promotional brochure, or pitch in toward developing a marketing strategy, her dependability and willingness to complete the job has been critical to our success. Jessica’s commitment, initiative and professionalism have made her a vital part of our church’s communications team. Writing skills and a positive attitude… what a great combination!

~Richard Rink


As a struggling writer, having an editor you can depend on and trust is a huge thing. I stumbled onto Jessica by complete accident and was so happy to have met her. She held my hand all the way through editing my rather enormous novel, offering editing suggestions and more each step of the process. I was so pleased with the final result and I know the novel is so much better for her help. I'm really grateful to her and I'd wholeheartedly recommend her as an editor for anyone else.  

~Amy Hetherington, PhD


In the course of revising my doctoral dissertation, I’ve found Jessica Houdart to be the most reliable academic reader I’ve ever had. She always works to focus on what you want, and she clearly conveys what needs to happen for that to occur. She knows the major formats very well, so her suggestions are both specific and perceptive – even when dealing with such a subtle field as continental philosophy. She’s prompt, consistent, and quite thorough. This is exactly the kind of editing I want. I would choose her again.

~Benjamin Shank, doctoral candidate


I have been fortunate enough to have Jessica editing my work over the last several months. As a pastor, I have to try and get a lot of information into just a small amount of text for our marketing and email blasts. Jessica has had the virtually impossible job of making my ramblings sound coherent and interesting! She has been a lifesaver and I can’t imagine life without her assistance. She is the best.

~Rev. Dr. Larry Oksten


Through my years of academia I have had multiple people edit my work, both professional editors and amateur ones. None have come close to surpassing what Jessica brings to the table. In addition to the professional elements of timeliness and professionalism, along with the type of editing that I would expect from any skilled editor, she brought something more. She asked deliberate and thought-provoking questions, forcing me to examine my own thinking so I could create a far more precise, articulate, and unencumbered end result. She pointed out my field's jargon, giving me a perspective that was insightful and practically useful.

Most valuable, during the process, I perceived that we were in a dialogue, both attempting to make the document into its best representation of its intent. That sense of teamwork and camaraderie was unprecedented. Not only did my experience allow me to have a grammatically more accurate and clearer more polished product, but she allowed the process to be far less stressful than I have ever experienced before. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

~Nicole C. Snyder, M.S., NCC


My first novel was published in Italian last winter. I needed to have the best translation possible. I do write in English too, but it is not my native language. Therefore the help I had from Jessica Houdart was invaluable. She ironed awkward passages and offered clever insights (as the subject matter was something well known to her) giving me a final English version I can be proud of. 

 ~Laura Radiconcini, author of The Pilgrimage and I Am No-thing


Our historical society has used Jessica on several occasions to edit our articles. Her services are fast, efficient, professional and she is very helpful and courteous. We highly recommend her editing services.

~Michael Houdart