Congratulations! Whether your manuscript is ready for a comprehensive edit or you’d like an editor’s input as you continue to adjust your writing, this is a special time for your book. Hiring an editor is an important investment in the project that has come to mean so much to you over the past few months or years. As your editor I’ll certainly be making corrections and suggestions, but it’s not my job to merely “fix” your writing and certainly not to replace it with my own. I will honor your unique “voice” and vision for your book, while also putting myself in the shoes of your readers and helping you craft your words accordingly. Together we’ll give your manuscript the care it deserves so that its message can be heard for years to come.



Academic writing is one branch of editing I especially enjoy, what with my own love of learning. I will be glad to dive into your subject area and help you refine your paper, dissertation, or thesis. Please note that I will be honoring any editing guidelines laid down by your university, which may restrict my services to copyediting only: punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.



Every business needs to interact with the public in writing to some degree. Hiring an editor will ensure that your message has that polished, professional tone that will commend your services to potential and existing customers or clients. I can help you produce the very best version of your flyer, brochure, menu, website content, or advertisement.



While I enjoy freelancing too much to seek an in-house editorial position, I would be happy to work with your publishing house on a specific project. 


Nonprofit Organizations

Your mission is your passion, and effective communication is essential to reaching your goals. I would love to bring my skills to your publications or website content so that your message can reach its audience with a clarity that reflects your devotion. I offer a discounted rate to churches, professional associations, and other nonprofits.