Frequently Asked Questions

What does your editing look like?

In most cases, I'll be editing your document in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes tool. You can see a screenshot of this feature here, along with a description of how to apply my revisions once I return your edited document to you.


Will you provide an editing sample?

For book manuscripts and other large projects, I will gladly provide a free "sample edit" on a small excerpt from your text. This will give you a chance to see me in action and help you decide whether my editing services are a good match for you and your project. This also helps me get a feel for your writing style and particular editing needs, which also helps me determine the estimated number of hours the project will require.


What are your rates?

In order to prepare your free quote, I'll need to see a sizable sample of your writing. We’ll work together to determine what type of editing your project needs and what the timeline will be, and then I will email you a quote for the project as a whole. 

My rate for the average project is $30 to $40 per hour. Sometimes my hourly rate is higher, such as for rush projects or projects involving heavy rewriting. I offer a discount to nonprofit organizations. 

Once our contract is signed, I will not exceed the given quote unless we both agree that new editing needs require an adjusted quote and timeline. One reason I give a firm quote and not an estimate is because communication between author and editor is crucial to the editing process. I'll be emailing you with questions as I work, and I encourage you to reach out as well. With a firm quote that will not change, you won't need to worry about the hourly cost of correspondence.

For very small editing jobs, I charge a $30 minimum fee.


Do I have to pay up front?

For most projects, a portion of the total payment (usually 20 to 50%) will be due up front before I can begin working. The rest of the payment will be distributed throughout the project as per our contract. For very small projects quoted at the $30 minimum fee, I require full payment up front.


Do you accept retainer accounts?

While I enjoy the variety and learning curve that go along with regular projects, I am also happy to take on retainer clients for quarterly newsletters, regular batches of blog articles, etc. If you're interested in a retainer account, please contact me so we can discuss the details.


What is your turnaround time?

Once you submit your project details here, I will contact you within forty-eight hours. I may be able to give you a quote for the project at that time, or I may need more information first.

When I'm working on your project, I'm not just devoting my full attention to the text I'm editing; I'm spending time working with you. I'll be emailing you questions as I edit, asking for your input, decisions, or clarification so that I'm able to polish your writing with respect to your unique voice and vision for your work. 

Depending on my schedule, there may be a delay before I'm able to begin working on your project. Once I receive all the details, we'll be able to lay down a timeline that works for both of us. 


Do you specialize?

While there are some disciplines in which I have more interest or experience, I am passionate about remaining a generalist. I love diving into the world that each editing job brings, whether it’s a business sector, an academic discipline, a nonprofit mission, or the eclectic research that goes along with preparing a novel for publication. When we’re working together on a project, your passion becomes mine.


Will you edit my novel’s first draft?

In order to reap the full benefits of professional editing, it’s usually best to develop your manuscript beyond the first draft before engaging an editor. It’s often helpful to give yourself some time away from the manuscript so you can look at it again with fresh eyes, and a second (or third) read-through by a trusted friend who will give you feedback.

If you feel you’ve hit a wall and think the time has come for professional input, your novel may benefit from a developmental evaluation or a partial edit.


I'm going to submit my manuscript for traditional publishing.  Do I still need a editor?

Not necessarily. It's certainly possible to send out your manuscript without professional editing, and if your book is indeed picked up by a publisher, their in-house editor will be weighing in eventually. But you do need to have your manuscript polished and ready before submitting it to agents and/or publishers, so for some writers hiring a freelance editor is an important part of that process.