Editing by Jessica Houdart


If you're looking for an editor right now, this is an important time for you. Maybe you've finally written that novel that's been keeping your imagination up at night. Maybe your small business has a website that's in need of polishing, or your church is ready to tell the community about its ministries in a newspaper article. Maybe you've poured years of energy into gaining expertise in your field and it's time to put the finishing touches on your dissertation or thesis.

Turning over your writing to an editor can be intimidating, especially if you're an aspiring novelist. It's normal to feel protective of the words that have come to mean so much to you.  Watching an editor analyze the decisions you've made, from commas to character arcs, can feel a little bit like handing over your baby to a complete stranger!

But the fact that you're hiring a freelance editor shows that you care enough about your writing to bring it to the next level—to make it the very best it can be.  A good editor will work toward the vision you have for your writing, helping you refine your text until that vision shines through to your audience with crystal clarity. Yes, we're also perfectionists who love those nitty-gritty rules of grammar and punctuation, but an editor's primary goal should be to help you bring your writing to life in every way—maybe even in ways you haven't thought of yet.

I encourage you to look around my website so you can learn about the editing services I offer and see whether we might make a good team. On the clients page, you'll see details about various types of projects. The FAQ page answers some of the questions you may have about my rates, turnaround time, and other matters. When you're ready, you can come tell me about your project.

Regardless of your reason for seeking an editor's services right now, I want to congratulate you on taking this next step in telling your story. When we're working together, I'll do everything I can to help you tell it in the way it deserves to be told.